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Is your preschooler ready to start learning their letters, colors, numbers and more? 

These beautiful and simply designed cards are made with preschoolers in mind.  No unnecessary clutter or colors that distract from the learning.  Simple letters with easy to read font for beginners are paired with full color photos of REAL objects that they can relate to and identify.  

This is a digital download.  All the contents will come as downloadable PDF documents ready for instant download and to be used for personal home use only.  If you would like to use for classroom or other purpose, please contact us. 

What's included:

Alphabet Picture Cards

These letter cards contain capital and lowercase letters along with a full color photo of an object that starts with the beginning letter sound (soft vowel sounds are used). 


Letter and Picture Cards - Separate Cards

These alphabet & picture cards contain the same letters and photos but on separate cards.  These are great to print double sided for flashcards or drills.  You can also print separate for matching games! The picture cards are also great for vocabulary building!


Number Counting Cards

These number cards contain cards for numbers 0-10 in two different versions.  The full color cards are great for counting, one-to-one correspondence, etc.  The black and white cards have empty counting circles that can be used as coloring sheets, with dot-a-dot markers, or counting objects.


Color Cards

These color cards come with 8 different colors.  They have the color and color name at the top with room below for drawing (with the color), sorting small objects by color, or use for flashcards

Shape Cards

These shape cards come with 8 different shapes. Each card contains simple black line shapes with the shape name.  Great for tracing, laminating for dry erase markers, flashcards, or sorting small objects by shape!



Use these versatile number mats in many ways! They are 8.5 x 11 in pages that can be use as coloring sheets, play dough mats, tracing/drawing, and more! Laminate for fun with dry erase markers, play dough, and sorting objects


If you would like to purchase any of the card sets individually rather in the bundle, please check the store! 


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