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Cycle 3 Bundle - *UPDATED* History, Science, Geography (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)

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Are you part of Classical Conversations Foundations (TM) program? This Cycle 3 Bundle is great for reviewing your memory work, playing games, or just quizzing yourself on fun facts! 


States & Capitals cards - Over 200 flashcards!  State names, state abbreviations, state capitals, and state shape! Plus an answer key for state shapes (in case you can't figure them out!).  Most state/capital cards just have the state and capital!  Take it to the next level with these challenging cards!  Game ideas included! Print, cut out, and play! 

Body Systems - Over 50 flashcards!! These human anatomy cards are a great introduction to the body systems!  10 body systems are introduced with easy to understand pictures and names.  Great to play games, use as starting point for research, and more!  Game ideas included!

American History cards - 46 flashcards! Need some help learning the basic American History events and dates? These cards will help!  Dates and events listed separately so you can learn and match! From Columbus to 9/11, you can get up to "date" on all the important US events! Game ideas included! 

Periodic Table cards - 36 flashcards!  These easy to use flashcards will help you identify the number, element name, element symbol, and atomic mass (rounded to whole number), for the first 12 elements! Game ideas included!

BONUS  WORKSHEET - This fun periodic table worksheet will put your skills to use! Cut out and glue (or reuse like a puzzle) the pieces of each element card.  Great to mix up and review with! Ideas included.


**Please note: this is a digital file!  Nothing will be physically mailed to you. This is available for immediate download as a PDF file. 

**You have permission to print these files (after purchase) for your personal use ONLY.  No sharing, selling, altering, allowed. 

**Classical Conversations (TM) materials are NOT included in these cards. While these topics coincide with Cycle 3, they do NOT contain any copyrighted information from CC.  No actual Foundations(TM) memory work is included.

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