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Science - Ecology A Study of Biomes- Lesson Plans - 6 Weeks (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)

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Welcome to Ecology!

Ecology - A 6 Week Study of Biomes is a wonderful resource for anyone learning about the world around them.  This unit study will help you lead your child through a weekly study of Biomes and other natural science topics (food webs, types of consumers, how animals adapt, and more!)

Each week you will focus on one biome region while also learning about the environment, food chains, environmental changes, natural cycles and more.

The lesson guide is based on a 4-day week.  This allows an extra day for outside activities like co-ops, field trips, or just family time.  However, if you'd like to go at a faster or slower pace, it's completely up to you.

Each weekly plan will contain many sources of reading as well as activity ideas.  As a parent, you should decide if you want to do everything listed or to just pick a few things each day or week.  You certainly do not have to complete it all.  It is just a guide. Parents are also encouraged to scale the assignments as needed for younger or older children, however, these lessons are great for homeschoolers with multiple children since many of the reading can be done together and the activities and notebooking can be scaled according to age.

The weekly learning takes place through the use of some amazing resources such as DK or Kingfisher Encyclopedias, a Janice VanCleave science experiment book, and more. What to expect: Each week there is a new biome to study

What to expect:

Each week there is a new biome to study.  The lesson guide provides the page numbers to read in each recommended resource along with note-taking and copywork ideas.  Also given are suggestions for definitions, drawing ideas, discussion questions, and more.

  •  Research and Read
  • Take Notes
  • Copy Work
  • Hands On Experiments or Activities
  • Bible Verse connections to weekly science topics
  • Geography connection by coloring biome regions on world map

 And more....

Each day you will look at the guide and read the pages assigned for the resources you have.  The detail page will give you more insight into the reading portion of the day including copy work ideas, definitions, discussion questions, and more.  The last 2 days are spent doing activities and experiments from the Janice VanCleave book.  You are given directions for taking notes and recording your observations in a science notebook!

What you Need:

You will need ONE of the 2 recommended science encyclopedias (either DK or Kingfisher), the Janice VanCleave book, paper, notebook, science experiment supplies, colored pencils.  For younger students the Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework book is a great resource.


If you don't have either of the Science Encyclopedias and are buying one, I suggest the DK Encyclopedia of Science.

Classical Conversations Foundations Program Families - if you are enrolled in CC Cycle 2, you will find that this Lesson Guide goes beautifully with weeks 1-6.  However, none of the actual memory work is included in this guide (due to copyright).  You will still need to have a Foundations Guide to learn the weekly memory work for science.


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