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The CHALLENGE Memory Work System is a set of cards that can be used with the Classical Conversations CHALLENGE program. These cards will help you review current and past memory work each day in a systematic way.

They are easy to use and easy to follow!  Just pick up the week’s card and follow!

Simply turn to the week and day that you are on and then do what it says! The system will tell you which weeks to review each day!

  • Don't drop memory work in Challenge!  Even challenge kids have lots to memorize!
  • Includes directions for reviewing both semesters
  • Quick and easy for your Challenge kids to do on their own!
  • Use with flashcards, lists, Quizlet, or any system of memory work!



These cards do not contain the information to be memorized....but they DO provide a systematic way to review your memory work! No copyrighted information from Classical Conversations is included on these cards. You must have a Challenge Guide from CC in order to use this system! 


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