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Student Planner - PRINT MY PLANNER!!

$15.99 $19.99

Want to get your planner printed?

Don't want to try to print at home or explain yourself to the copy center? 

We can print and bind your customized planner for you!!

What do I get with a printed planner?

You'll already have all the editable PDF documents that come with your planner, but when you add the printing service, you'll get it all done for you!

  • Laminated full color cover of your choice
  • Full color pages with your customized edits such as subjects, dates, etc.
  • Cardstock dividers for monthly calendars, weekly calendars, notes, grade sheets, etc.. (depends on type of planner) these are not tabs, but you can add tabs to these pages on your own if you'd like.
  • Black spiral binding

How do I customize my printed planner?

  1. Simply order whichever PDF EDITABLE planner you want from our store. 
  2. Use the FREE ADOBE READER DC program to open and edit your planner.  Type in the subjects, dates, special reminders, assignments..... anything you want! 
  3. "Save As" and give your customized, edited planner a name that includes your last name! (I'll need to be able to keep things straight!)
  4. Order THIS product to pay for the printing and binding of your planner 
  5. Email your documents (that you edited) to jaimegravitt@homeschoolstory.com 

That's it... download, edit, order, and email.....

You'll get a confirmation email once I have everything and your new custom planner will arrive in about a week!

 ****PLEASE NOTE: I can NOT print your planner until you have emailed me your instructions!  I will need to know the following: 

1. which cover and name to type on cover

2. which planner to print - attach your edited planner to your email

3. all the pages you want printed and in which order - please attach ALL files you want printed in your planner and let me know which order you want them printed in. 


As an added feature, you can choose the option for adding tabs to your planner! Just let me know what you want your tabs to say! Add up to 15 tabs per planner. 

Watch this video for ideas on how to customize your planner! 




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