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2020-2021 Parent Planner - Foundations Cycle 3 Planner (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)

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--Back by popular demand--

Updated for 2020-2021 Cycle 3

This parent planner is wonderful for all Classical Conversations Foundations (TM) parents who like to plan out their lessons or keep track of what was done. 

The 2-page week view allows tons of space for all your planning and can even be used for multiple children.  4 subjects are labeled with a space below to write the memory work concept or topic for the week. 



2 extra subject areas allow you to customize your planner for additional subjects, chores, extracurricular, etc. 

 Each box is lined and includes a check box.  Mark them done, or color in the box to color code plans for different kids. 

On the right, there is planning space for weekend planning, meal planning, presentation planning (for Foundations class),scripture memory, and the most popular..... Memory Work Review System! 

The Memory Work Review System is the original review system designed to use with CC Foundations! It allows for a systematic review cycle to ensure that you are reviewing and practicing all the memory work without spending hours doing it. Usually only available as a separate purchase, the systems in included right into the Parent Planner!! 


Your instant download PDF comes with the following: 

  • weekly planning pages (see above)
  • year at a glance for 2020-2021
  • monthly planning pages (Aug 2020 - July 2021)
  • Cycle 3 Lesson Planner - weekly goals & plans - 24 week set of planning sheets for Foundations - enter your ideas, reminders, resources, plans, and more! See video below for more info on how to use these planning pages! 
  • attendance tracker 
  • grocery shopping list (meal planner included in weekly pages)
  • Also sign up on the blog for access to even more supplemental pages! 


Included in this download is the Weekly Goals & Plans organizer. Watch this video to see more about this part of the download


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